The best place to enjoy different and exciting Indian lunch menu in Prague

The best place to enjoy different and exciting Indian lunch menu in Prague

It can be a busy Monday and you have just 30 minutes and your stomach is in search of traditional Indian foods in the Czech Republic! Don’t compromise your wish as Mala India is now in Prague to let you enjoy the best Indian foods within minutes.

Maybe there are a lot of restaurants available in Prague but no one can beat the authentic food taste and restaurant service of Mala India. From starter to dessert- everything is there to offer you a great Indian restaurant experience. This article is about the vast lunch menu of Mala India. Probably the best fact about the lunch menu of this restaurant is that from Monday to Friday there are different lunch options. And that’s why you will not feel bored to visit this restaurant again and again.


Monday- on Monday, you can enjoy 9 exciting lunch options here. Khurci Bhuna + Cesnikovy Nan, Chicken Bhuna + Nan, Chicken Bhuna + Rice, Chicken Madras +Cesnik’s Nann, Kuraci Madras + Nan, Chicken Madras + Rice, Mix Zeleninovy Curry + Cesnikovy Nan, Mix Zeleninovy curry + Nan, and Mix Zeleninovy + Rice- these are the nine exciting combos that you can enjoy on Monday at Mala India.


Tuesday- on Tuesday, Mala India is offering 9 different types of combos. Aloo palak +Cesnikovy Nan, Aloo palak + Nano, Aloo palak + Rice, Kureci chana + Cesnikovy Nan, Khan chana + Nana, Khan Chana + Rice, Korai Korai + Cesnik’s Nan, Chicken Korai + Nag, and Chicken Korai + Rice, are the 9 combos you can enjoy on Tuesday as lunch menu.

Wednesday- Wednesday has Chana Palak + Cesnikovy Nan, Chana Palak + Nan, Chana Palak + Rice, Chicken Madras + Nag, Chicken Madras + Rice, Khan Dhansak + Cesnik’s Nan, Dhansak + Nang Chicken, Chicken Dhansak + Rice, Krasci Madras + Cesnikovy Nan as lunch menu.

Thursday- on Thursday you can enjoy Chicken Ginger + Cesnik’s Nan, Chicken Ginger + Nag, Chicken Ginger + Rice, Chicken Vandaloo + Cesnik’s Nann, Chicken Vandaloo + Nag, Chicken Vandaloo + Rice, Mized vegetable dhansak + cesnik’s nan, mized venetable dhansak + cesnik’s nag, and mixed begetable dhansak + rice.

Friday- On Friday, there are other 9 mouth-watering lunch menu- Bombay tikka + Nan, Bombay tikka + garlic nan, Bombay tikka + rice, dal niramish + garlic nan, niramish vegetable + nan, dal niramish + rice, chicken biriyani, mix vegetable salad with grilled chicken + nan, and grilled chicken with vegetable salad + garlic nan.

All these are the exciting as well as mouth-watering lunch option you can enjoy at Mala India, one of the best Indian restaurants in Prague. It is not that you have to physically visit this restaurant to enjoy these amazing foods, you can order online also.

Food tastes better when you eat at a clean and comfortable place and Mala India simply maintains that.