Basic guidance to help you to plan dinner time meal

Basic guidance to help you to plan dinner time meal

Most of the people believe that only homemade food can meet their requirement as most of the external fooding sources use a lots of fats for the need of cooking. But people do not know that several restaurants are approaching ahead to deliver tasty as well as low calorie Indian dishes maintaining all the requirement of a healthy meal for the calorie conscious people. These are not at all a costly restaurants, but may be a reputed as well as cheap places to eat in Prague. Not only that, it is possible to acquire takeaway service as well from these places. So it is not difficult to order delicious food while sitting at home, all this just a phone call away.

Options are available for planning a low diet meal

The main objective before ordering a low calorie Indian dish from anywhere, it is needed to have someunderstanding about the category of food. This knowledge will be very helpful to choose the best possible option to arrange the wholesome meal for your lunch or dinner. Here some guidance is given below in this blog so that one can design a dinner time meal easily.

First of all, go for any of the basic soups. For a low calorie diet, choose from lentil soup, tomato soup, sweet corn soup, chicken clear soup, and chicken and corn soup versions. After that it is time to select a salad dish and here are some option – mix veg salad without mayo dressing, boiled veg salad with olive oil, fresh onion and cucumber salad with lemon, sprout salad, boiled or grilled chicken with veg, and etc. Now it is the time for the main course item. Here several option are there such as – white rice, jira rice (less oil version),palin roti, chapatti, tandoori roti without butter, oats idli or upma or khichri, dhokla,  rice khichri, and similar kind of less fat items. For the side dish, some vegetarian option you can go for are – matar paneer, palak paneer, paneer tikka, paneer saslik, grilled paneer with indian masala, saag without butter or ghee,  mix veg, grilled veg, mix daal, veg curry with matter or mushroom or baby corn and many more. It is suitable to choose the light gravy dish while low calorie diet is your concern. In case of Non-vegetarian section, huge selection is available such as, – baked or steamed fish with steamed veg, shrimp in coconut milk, shrimp with assorted vegetable, light chicken curry, tandoor chicken, chicken dahi kabab, chicken hariyali, and many more. At the desert, one can pick from the variation of raitas which is made with dahi or curd and little spices. Flavored dahi can be a good option here.

This is a basic guidance for the meal planning. It is recommended to carry out a little study in this regards so that one can plan the best dinner in Prague at a cheap rate. And all that can be done while sitting at the corner of your home. Just explore little to prepare the best possible dinnertime meal.