It can be a cozy Saturday evening, you and your friend are enjoying together at your place. And you all are hungry! But no one has the mood to cook food or visiting any restaurant physically! This is a completely normal and regular scenario of a lot of people. You may have a mood to enjoy Indian food. But in far Prague who is going to serve you the delicious Indian food? You will probably think this. But there is a solution too!

If you are wishing to enjoy authentic Indian delicious dishes without moving from your place then Mala India can help you the best. It is a popular Indian restaurant with great restaurant service. A lot of people like this restaurant because it is the best option when they are in search of the “cheap places to eat in Prague”.

All the best facts of Mala India

1) Mala India has started its journey in 2006 and within a short span of time, it has gained a huge popularity simply due to its pleasing restaurant service and mouthwatering dishes. There are a lot of things about this restaurant which will simply amaze you.

2) First of all, you will never get bored to visit this place again and again. Here you can enjoy different food dishes on different weekdays. Isn’t amazing? Here you will get foods from different genres’ of India. All the foods are of great taste and quality so that everyone can enjoy the authenticity at the best level.

3)  If you are within one kilometer then you can completely enjoy a free food delivery in Prague. Actually, most of the restaurants charge a lot when it comes to delivering the ordered food at the customers’ places. But if you are within one kilometer then you can enjoy a completely free delivery service from Mala India.

4) Along with these, if your total amount is within 500cc then you can enjoy sound discount too! Great food, fast delivery, and attractive discount all you can enjoy only with this Indian restaurant in Prague.

5) Apart from these, if you visit this restaurant then you will enjoy a greater level of hygiene. Foods are fresh and it maintains a great level of cleanliness so that it can offer its customers a healthy restaurant experience.

6)  People who live in far Prague they simply cannot enjoy the Indian foods but miss a lot. For them, it is a unique step of Mala India. Here a lot of people can enjoy the authentic Indian dishes together. And that’s why it has been becoming a popular place to hook up with friends and family day by day.

So, if you are planning to order Indian food online in Prague then simply place your order at our place and we promise we will not disappoint you.  We have satisfied a lot of customers before and now we are waiting for you. Our ordering procedure and payment procedure is easy and completely secure.

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